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The World Climate Service Offers Two Industry Leading Products:
  • Seasonal Forecasts

    Forecasts and climate analysis tools providing guidance for 1-6 months into the future. The seasonal WCS subscription provides access to a comprehensive monthly report (including an East Asia Seasonal Forecast) as well as unique and interactive website tools such as model progression visualization and an index analog database. [Click Picture for More Information]

  • Subseasonal Forecasts

    Forecasts and analysis tools focused on a 2-6 week forecast lead time. Subseasonal forecasting is an emerging field that has long been regarded as even more challenging than seasonal forecasting, and demand for actionable subseasonal climate forecast guidance is growing rapidly. [Click Picture for More Information]

Core Commitments


We endeavor to provide the world’s most reliable, valuable, scientifically advanced climate forecasts and long-range weather intelligence for commodity trading desks and other entities. We strive for excellence in all aspects of our work.


The World Climate Service is unreservedly committed to ethical business practices and a transparent scientific approach to long-range seasonal climate forecasting.


The emerging field of seasonal and subseasonal climate forecasting demands ongoing research and development while refining existing techniques. The World Climate Service is known for an agile development process and rapid product roll-out.

Competitive Advantages

Comprehensive Approach
  • The World Climate Service avoids over-reliance on a single forecast tool or method. The complexity of the long-range forecast problem demands a broad suite of predictors and an intelligent system to extract predictability.
Probability and Confidence
  • The World Climate Service provides and promotes information about forecast confidence and uncertainty. By embracing a probabilistic approach, WCS clients take advantage of high-probability “forecasts of opportunity”.
Data-Rich Services
  • The World Climate Service empowers user decision systems by providing automated data feeds. Quantitative forecasts of industry-specific variables allow clients to make weather-sensitive decisions with precision and confidence.

The WCS Team

We offer nearly 60 years of experience in seasonal forecasting
John A Dutton
John A Dutton
Chairman, PhD
John now focuses on analysis and mitigation of weather and climate risk in both the private and public sectors. He is Professor and Dean Emeritus at Penn State and has served on advisory groups to NASA and NOAA for more than three decades. He holds a commercial pilot’s license and served as a U.S. Air Force officer.
Jeremy Ross
Jeremy Ross
Chief Scientist, PhD
Jeremy specializes in leveraging new technologies to develop innovative climate and weather risk products. He was previously employed as the VP of Weather Research and Operations for Storm Exchange and obtained his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in meteorology from The Pennsylvania State University.
Richard James
Richard James
Senior Scientist, PhD
Richard has a background in meteorological research and was previously employed as Senior Meteorologist for Storm Exchange and as an independent equities trader. Richard received his B.A. degree from Cambridge University and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Penn State.
Paul Knight
Paul Knight
Senior Forecaster, CCM
Paul has more than three decades of experience in weather prediction with an emphasis on longer range forecasts. He served as a senior lecturer in meteorology at Penn State and as the Pennsylvania State Climatologist. He is a certified consulting meteorologist with the American Meteorological Society.


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