World Climate Service Places First in Forecast Rodeo – A Subseasonal Climate Forecast Contest

World Climate Service Subseasonal Climate Forecast Performs Well   In April 2017, the US Bureau of Reclamation launched a year-long realtime subseasonal climate forecasting competition.  Contestants were asked to predict temperature and precipitation over the western half of the USA for lead times of 3-4 weeks and 5-6 weeks separately.  The forecasts were issued every other[…]

February 2018 – Sub-Seasonal Climate Forecast Success

A notable late winter cold outbreak over Europe was successfully anticipated by World Climate Service sub-seasonal forecast guidance.  Beginning in early January, WCS sub-seasonal outlooks identified a threat of cold at some point in February, and the risk was more clearly defined in subsequent guidance; by early February, confidence was high that a prominent cold[…]

January 2018 – Prescient Weather Recognized By The AMS

Prescient Weather was honored by the American Meteorological Society at its 2018 annual meeting in Austin, Texas.  Prescient Weather, which operates the World Climate Service, was granted the 2018 award for outstanding services to meteorology by a corporation; the citation reads “For scientific creativity and technological innovation in transforming climate data, climate variability predictions, and[…]